About Us

Loudoun Valley Yoga is more than a yoga studio. It is a community gathering place (our shala) where everyone is welcome. We offer a unique space in which you are encouraged to tap into your core being — physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically — so that you can radiate your very best self to the world. The class sizes are small enough for individual attention, yet large enough to promote a sense of camaraderie and support.

Yoga teaches you to breathe deep and keep moving.  Yoga is also one of the few activities that is recommended by medical studies and even psychiatric associations as a great life-long pursuit.  As a mind-body activity, it reduces stress and anxiety, improves balance and flexibility, increases strength and range of motion, and enhances your overall health.  At its best, yoga prepares you for life.  Because life, my friends, cannot be mastered.

At Loudoun Valley Yoga, our team of certified teachers are here to help you navigate this yogic journey.  We are committed to coaching you how to breathe consciously, to connect movements with breath and to concentrate on the elusive now.

Come join us and try a variety of class styles…some might be too fast or too slow or too hard or you name it, but I am convinced you will find one that feels right for you.  Trust your instincts!

See you on the mat ~

Chris Renschen


One comment on “About Us
  1. Monique Wilson says:

    Hello. I had a double back surgery and is looking to taking yoga to start to work on my flexibility and health. What are the fees?

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